Rathdowney Historical Buildings

The Information Centre

The Information Centre was formerly the Commercial Bank of Australia and was located on Collins Street. It is one of the town’s oldest buildings and boasted a manager and assistant in the 1920’s when the railway and Mt. Lindesay Highway were being constructed. Rathdowney’s Information Centre is accredited with QICA and proudly displays the Association’s logo.


The Tramway Building

The Tramway building was originally sited in what is now the Memorial Grounds. It was moved to its present location and renovated. It now houses a display of Our Pioneering Women, local sawmills, variety of timbers, the Logan and Albert Butter Factory and other memorabilia.

The Old Shop

The Old Shop was built just south of the Information Centre and was a general store. In later life it was extended and became a residence. It suffered during several floods when water came about a metre up its walls. It stood vacant for some years when RADHA acquired it and had the extensions removed. It was relocated to the Information precinct by team of draft horses pulling a log slide.

The Prison Hut

The Prison Hut  was one of the original huts used by prisoners at the then Palen Creek Low Security Farm. The usually held a single bed a small table where the prisoner ate his meals and a chair. They had few personal items. The hut was locked at night.

The Barn

The Barn  is a relatively new building it houses a collection of larger items including the Barney View Cream Truck,  a bullock wagon that was used for carting logs, a spring cart and a huge table cut from a single length of log.

The Picnic Shelter

The Picnic Shelter  is situated in front of the Information Centre. In it can be found a restored German Wagon and a picnic table and stools. The table bears a plaque commemorating Rathdowney’s Centenary in 2010.

Dulbolla & Glenapp Railway Sidings

Dulbolla and Glenapp Railway Sidings were removed from along the Queensland/New South Wales Railway Line when the trains no longer stopped there. The Glenapp Siding holds a very interesting model showing the  mountains, rivers and locations in the area.

Visitor Information Centre

VIC Opening Hours

Open 9.00am – 3.00pm: Monday to Friday
Open 9.00am – 3.00pm: Weekends
Closed Good Friday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Anzac Day.

Rathdowney Information Centre

The Centre has a large variety of brochures, books, maps etc to provide visitors to the area with plenty of information about what is available to see and do, and where to stay.

The Museum

Rathdowney Museum

The Rathdowney Museum was opened in November 1984 and is housed in the Information Centre building. Volunteers from the surrounding districts have put our collection together.

Collection of Artifacts

There are many displays of artifacts, pictorial displays and historical records of events and family histories. The main photo is a selection of the Hardgrave family's memoribilia.






World War 1 Cabinet

The World War 1 cabinet was made with funds from the Centenary Grants Fund.  This is an on going project with more memorabilia to be added.
Fred Johnson's Truck

RADHA acquired Fred Johnson’s historic “Barney View Motor Service” cream truck and are very proud to have it home once again in Rathdowney. The 1937 international truck is still in working order and formed part of the grand parade at Rathdowney's Heritage Festivals.