Fred Johnson's Truck

Fred Johnson's Cream Truck

RADHA acquired Fred Johnson’s historic “Barney View Motor Service” cream truck and are very proud to have it home once again in Rathdowney. The 1937 international truck is still in working order and formed part of the grand parade at Rathdowney's Heritage Festivals.

Fred W H Johnson, the W H affectionately known as “Won’t Hurry”, drove his cream truck from Barney View to Beaudesert Butter Factory from 1938 to 1973. The truck, a D35 International cost £800 to buy new at the Brisbane Exhibition in 1938. Fred’s Truck was as much a part of the general Rathdowney area as the Logan River. As well as taking cream to the butter factory, Fred would also pick up residents’ groceries and goods; backload furniture; pick up school kids walking home and Fred would also do all your banking for sixpence.

Fred looked the part, always dressed in black trousers and long sleeved black shirt. He did not keep a notebook, but the groceries and banking was always spot on.

Not one for speeding, Fred never traveled at more than 30 miles per hour. The old truck chalked up nearly 750 000 miles, which represents well over 25, 000 hours on the road.




Fred's Song

In 2008, a special song was written to mark the return of Fred Johnson’s truck to the district. The song is called “Universal Provider”. It was written and performed by Tamborine singer songwriter, PJ Weston . The song is available on CD at the Rathdowney Information Centre.